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Is Now a Good Time To Get a Money Market Account?

The Federal Reserve will consider changing rates of interest today as part of its efforts to fight inflation. Even if rates hold consistent, they remain fairly high. While high interest rates can be an obstacle for home or cars and truck consumers, it can be a perfect time for savers. One way to take advantage of today’s greater rates of interest environment is a money market account.

Now, cash market accounts offer rates as high as 5.00% or more, however, a certificate of deposit (CD) would be a much better choice if you’re looking to save right now. Even a short-term CD would provide you a way to secure a guaranteed rate of return for a set time period, regardless of what occurs with the Fed today.

Key Takeaways

Cash market accounts are a good alternative to inspecting and cost savings accounts if you do not require to write a lot of checks, and right now, the leading account offers a rate of over 5.00%. The Federal Reserve has hiked interest rates this year, pressing money market accounts to provide rate of interest that are really greater than the top cost savings account rates right now.However, a cash market account has a variable rate of interest, so that implies it could fall if (or when) the Fed lowers rates, so now is the time to maximize your deposits.If you do not wish to risk opening a cash market account and seeing your rate fall, a CD might be a much better option.

What Money Market Accounts Offer

If the objective is to beat inflation, cash market accounts, sometimes called cash market bank account, can provide an attractive option to a standard cost savings account because of the higher interest rates. These bank accounts are provided by banks or cooperative credit union and guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), with terms that can vary depending on the organization. A cash market account need to not be confused with a cash market fund, which is a kind of shared fund.

They can be utilized as savings accounts for short-term goals– purchasing a home, going on holiday, or maintaining an emergency situation fund are typically the main purposes of a money market account. Our rankings of the finest cash market accounts likewise over high rates around or over 5.00%.

If you require instant access to funds and check writing isn’t required, think about a high-yield cost savings account instead.

Why Open a Money Market Account Right Now?

When interest rates were low, such as throughout the pandemic, neither money market accounts nor savings accounts used users much advantage. However, when the Federal Reserve started its rate of interest hiking campaign in March 2022, its objective was to fight inflation, but a welcome benefit for savers is that it increased rates for both cash market accounts and high-yield cost savings accounts.

With the federal funds rate variety at 5.00% to 5.25%, banks and cooperative credit union are able to provide better rates on MMAs, which can go as high as a yearly portion yield (APY) of 5.25%..

Cash market accounts take advantage of these higher rates. If the Federal Reserve were to start cutting interest rates– which it states it will do when inflation drops to 2% or if unemployment becomes too high– then the rates used on MMAs could fall.

Some expect these rate of interest to fall later this year after the possible time out in Fed rates today, which would likewise eventually send rates lower on cash market accounts and other high-interest accounts..

Alternatives to Money Market Accounts.

High-yield cost savings accounts can also use appealing rates, but they don’t use the check-writing capability. Savers can find a variety of choices and ought to think about buying the very best rate.

CDs likewise offer appealing rates right now. They will lock in your rate for the duration of time of the CD’s term. And the very best CD rates are likewise using rates in the 5.00%- plus variety in the meantime. If you do not need instant access to your money, you can ensure a fairly high return rate.

While cash market accounts have numerous advantages for the short-term saver, CDs offer you the very best opportunity at securing your high-interest rates for longer than a high-yield savings account or a money market account right now.

Rate Collection Methodology Disclosure.

Every business day, Investopedia tracks the rate information of more than 60 banks and credit unions that offer money market accounts to clients nationwide. We identify day-to-day rankings of the top-paying cash accounts.

Banks and credit unions must be offered in at least 40 states. And while some credit unions need you to donate to a particular charity or association to become a member if you do not meet other eligibility requirements (e.g., you do not live in a particular location or operate in a certain type of task), we leave out credit unions whose contribution requirement is $40 or more. For more about how we pick the best cash market accounts, read our full methodology.


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