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Color Drenching Is the Latest Must-Try Paint Trend, According to Interior Designers

Creamy white walls, earthy taupes, and natural beige tones have long stood the test of time in our houses. These organic schemes aren’t going anywhere soon, however a new pattern– color drenching– is pressing time out on pale hues and embracing unapologetic saturation, instead.

” This pattern involves painting every surface– walls, ceiling, baseboards, trim, doors– and saturating a space with a single color,” states interior designer Audrey Scheck of Audrey Scheck Design. “This produces an immersive experience that has a wow aspect all on its own.”.

Most importantly, color drenching puts you in the chauffeur’s seat. You can select a hue that’s dark and rich– like emerald green, orange, or magenta– or you can attempt a color with a bit less punch, such as soft blue or creamy yellow. You can even manage the saturation by picking just how much and where to apply the color. Whatever route you take, the method of using the same shade throughout your space instantly adds depth, dimension, and visual interest..

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The Appeal of Color Drenching 

Interior designers have actually observed a noteworthy uptick in more contemporary, maximalist looks, and color drenching falls right in line with this trajectory. “After years of minimalist style dominating the landscape, individuals are yearning character and energy in their homes and wish to experience vibrant, stimulating environments,” states Scheck. “There’s a particular vibrancy and playfulness that this trend brings to any area quickly, injecting a room with character.”.

” I think we are seeing this vibrant trend gain momentum since it is a very economical method to make a big declaration,” she states. Backgrounding image a dining space in an intense grasscloth might cost over $15,000– however you can get a comparable feel with color drenching.”.

How to Try the Color Drenching Trend in Your Own Home 

Want to give color drenching a shot? Here are a few expert-approved methods to get going.

Pick a Room That Deserves a Little Fun 

You can dive right into this trend by taking on a living-room, bed room, or cooking area, however in some cases it’s much easier to begin little. Color drenching a generally ignored space– such as an utility room, office, or playroom– is an exceptional way to have some fun with this trend without overcommitting..

” I’ve certainly seen examples of individuals color drenching powder spaces, utility room, and smaller areas,” states Nicole Gibbons, a self-described “color-obsessed” interior designer and the founder of Clare. “People appear to be more comfy utilizing color drenching in this manner if they aren’t quite all set to take the leap for a living room or bed room.”.

Choose a Color That Really Speaks to You 

With that stated, choose a shade that resonates with you and makes you feel good. “Select a color that you really like, and be sure to compare it versus any furnishings and design that will exist in that area,” states Scheck.

Test the Color 

Limit your choices to a couple of top competitors, then evaluate the color before you paint. Gibbons recommends using peel and stick examples, which you can quickly move and use to different walls; this enables you to imagine how the shade translates across various lighting conditions. You can likewise create real paint swatches if that’s easier.

” By evaluating the color in various shades of light, you get a real feel of the color in your house and can be more confident in your choice,” Gibbons says. “Be sure to cope with the swatch for a few days a minimum of to ensure that you’re going to love what the color appears like.”.

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Try Color Drenching in Small Doses 

This trend isn’t for the faint of heart, so if you’re feeling a bit frightened, that’s all right. Starting with a small space is an excellent way to dip into the color-drenched waters. You can also dabble the pattern by incorporating the same bold shade in a couple of crucial spots around the space..

” Start by painting simply the walls and ceiling with your chosen color– and after that take it up a notch by instilling the rest of the space with it if you’re happy with your color selection,” Scheck says., You might also try painting the walls and cut the same shade, then operating in accent colors via drapery and furnishings, says Bethany Adams of Bethany Adams Interiors.

blue home entryway

Incorporate Different Shades of the Same Color 

You can go a couple of different routes when it pertains to color drenching. One option is to utilize the very same color throughout the area, including the floorings, ceiling, trim, and even furniture. This has a beautiful and remarkably soothing effect. Another technique is to integrate various tones within the very same color family, which produces a rich, layered appearance. “Even with 3 or more colors, you’ll never feel overwhelmed by color. Believe a cobalt blue couch with child blue walls and a navy ottoman and drapes,” Adams says..

If you go this path, attempt to follow the 60-30-10 guideline, states Kristin Marino, an interior designer and founder of KozyKasa. Paint 60 percent of the room the dominant color, 30 percent the secondary color, and after that 10 percent a contrasting accent color. This provides a sense of balance and contrast, Marino says. “It’s also practical for individuals brand-new to color drenching, as it presents the idea without being too overwhelming,” she adds.

Play With Paint Finishes 

If you do choose the exact same color for the entire space, think about having fun with paint finishes to create more depth and dimension. Ferguson states to paint cabinets, doors, crown molding, and baseboards in a satin or semi gloss finish and the walls in a flat finish. “Light will show off the glossier finish and offer the room depth,” she states..

To further enhance the monochromatic result, pick furnishings and décor in the exact same tone or color household as your picked paint. The natural texture these pieces provide will produce more measurement, also..

Avoid Too Many Patterns 

The point of color drenching is to make a single shade– or color household– the star of the program. In its own right, it’s bold. With that in mind, Adams advises streamlining whatever else in the space and avoiding loud patterns. “Color drenching works best without a lot of pattern to break up the fields of color,” she says. “Resist the desire to pile a sofa with patterned pillows and you’ll be surprised at just how much more relaxing your living-room will seem.”.


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