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How to Embrace Maximalism Like an Interior Designer

Maximalism makes no apology for its volume. There are no suppressed fabrics or neutral combinations here: The embellishing design commemorates an amalgam of textures, patterns, and color and fills spaces with curious treasures..

With that said, a typical misconception about maximalist design is that it’s haphazardly thrown up– as if it arrived at its final location by method of a chintz-filled, color-drenched twister. As loud as it is, though, and as wild as it might feel, a well-designed maximalist area is actually quite curated. It needs thoughtful layering, strategic mis-matching, and thoroughly plucked knick-knacks that authentically resonate. Where’s the line between disorderly mess and methodical maximalism? These interior designer tips on achieving gorgeous maximalist design will help you find it.

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Follow the Rule of Four

The “rule of four” is a good location to begin if you’re set on maximalism for your house, says Emilie Munroe, an interior designer and the creator of Studio Munroe. The idea is to no in on a minimum of 4 maximalist aspects for the space and construct off of them. ” An example is patterned wallpaper with jewel-toned casework, a vintage rug, and massive crystal chandelier,” Munroe says. “You can always add more, however a standard of four will be enough to set the preferred tone.”.

Beth Diana Smith, a style specialist for HomeGoods, agrees. But if you have a space where a rug isn’t practical, she likes the idea of including a large piece of artwork, instead. Other elements might include a statement couch, patterned floor-to-ceiling drapes, or eye-grabbing fireplace..

blue living room with complementary patterns on curtains, sofa and rug

Layer Complementary Patterns 

In addition to color, maximalism welcomes you to get playful with patterns. This maximalist style strategy can be tricky to nail, however it can be done well. ” To effectively pull this off, discover a minimum of 3 prints that talk to you,” DeLapp states. “Follow a typical color style or theme or include an animal print, which is actually a neutral, and start constructing your scheme. I like to create a mix using fabrics and wallpapers to finest accomplish the look.”.

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Channel Your Personality

Showcasing your individual interests by means of your style choices is an essential pillar of maximalism. This needs some curation– maybe more than you may believe. Rather than bringing something home even if it looks quite or has a color that matches the space, truly think about what it’s adding to the area, how it suits, and how it represents you..

How about combining an animal print location rug, zebra pattern wallpaper, and a brass flamingo statue? Integrate soft large drapes with a plush deep pile rug, and mirrored end tables,” Munroe says.

maximalist decor in powder room

Build Over Time—and Edit as You Go 

Maximalist areas don’t occur overnight, so think about your home as a living, breathing space that will develop through the years. Because sense, it’s less about filling a room to the brim in a short period of time, and more about settling into the sluggish speed of thoughtfully carefully picked pieces..

Along the method, you might find you’ve outgrown pieces. Maximalism does not imply that you never ever released items or avoid the edit entirely. Give yourself approval to launch products back into the world when they no longer serve you or your area– and delight in the trip of development.


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