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How to Add Mountain Modern Style to Your Home Decor—Wherever You Live

From home chic and seaside grandmother to rustic farmhouse, patterns that center homes around earthy tones, recovered pieces, and natural elements have actually existed for many years. Mountain modern-day style is the most recent version to join the pack, only it draws inspiration from rugged peaks, rocky slopes, and windblown meadows. Here, interior designers define and explore this minimalist-meets-rustic aesthetic– and share how to make it work in your own house, whether you reside in Colorado or New York City.

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What Is Mountain Modern Style?

Integrating simple modern-day finishes is a tenet of mountain modern-day style; they create a tidy and light counterbalance to purposefully unrefined information. In this sense, it steps away from the conventional “alpine” style that often feels dark, heavy, and dated. ” The appeal of mountain modern-day design are the clean-cut lines, minimalism, and sophistication that house owners want to give their mountain respite,” says interior designer Jackie Johnson.

Utilizing Mountain Modern Style in Urban Settings

While mountain contemporary provides itself to houses nestled in the mountains, you don’t always have to dwell in the alpines to pull inspiration from this pattern. The goal is to integrate warm, natural touches in methods that make sense for the area.

How to Add Mountain Modern Style to Your Home.

Uncertain where to start? Let this interior design recommendations guide you..

Tactically Layer Natural Textures and Tones.

Mountain contemporary provides itself to layered earth tones and natural textures simply as they would appear in nature. “Think of the information in the layering of the textures like wood, metal, and fabric that bring the area to life, instead of layering on more decoration,” states Johnson. “In this case, less is more.”.

You’ll want furnishings with clean lines, minimal large-scale pieces that create interior vistas, and just a few accessories. Here are some ways you can subtly layer textures and tones into your space:.

living room with wooden ceiling and stone wall

Favor Warmth.

” Clean lines and modern-day finishes can lean both warm or more cold or sterile, but by bringing in the rustic concepts of mountain modern-day, cold doesn’t work,” says Obermann. “Keep your surfaces– even if they are more modern– warm and welcoming.” This can be incorporated through the right wall color, large, relaxing textiles, welcoming furniture, and lighting..

Include Art Prints.

In lieu of (or perhaps in addition to) real mountain views, art prints can bring a little mountain modern-day into your house. “Whether it’s vintage travel posters or flea market paintings of outside scenes, art is a good way to remind you of your journeys or motivate you to go outside,” Humphrey states..

Install Earthy Wallpaper.

Wallpaper is a simple method to bring some mountain contemporary magic into your home. “Even a flower print or a plaid or gingham paper that looks like a camp blanket can be a wink towards mountain contemporary, and can be utilized in a big method or sparingly in an accent wall or a guest space,” says Humphrey. When in doubt, adhere to earthy hues such as forest green, cream, or sky blue that evoke nature.


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