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WhatsApp formatting bar on Android.
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How to Use Bold, Italics and Strikethrough in WhatsApp Messages

This article explains how to format your WhatsApp messages so that you can bold, italicize, strikethrough, or monospace the text. You can do this from the mobile app, desktop program, and WhatsApp Web.

How to Format Text in WhatsApp

The majority of messaging apps simply let you send plain text, nothing fancy. WhatsApp is an exception because you can format the text before you send it. It supports bold, italic, strikethrough, and monospace.

There are two methods: utilize your phone’s built-in functionality to select Bold, Strikethrough, and so on, or type unique characters around the text you wish to be formatted.

Visual Editor

This approach is easy. No cheat codes to keep in mind!

Tap-and-hold (Android) or double-tap (iOS) a word you’ve typed to reveal a formatting menu. To pick more than one word, utilize the buttons on either side of the selection to expand it.

On Android, tap among the format alternatives: Bold, Italic, Strikethrough, or Monospace. If you do not see all of them, pick the three-dotted button on the.

On iOS and iPadOS, pick BIU and then Bold, Italic, Strikethrough, or Monospace.

WhatsApp formatting bar on Android.

Do not hesitate to utilize vibrant, italic, and strikethrough together on the same word. Just make the choice again and duplicate the action to overlap the formatting.

If you’re using WhatsApp from a computer system, you will not see the result up until you send the message. Mobile users will see the text change right away.

Formatting Shortcut

The manual technique is a little faster if you’re a fast typer or if you require to use the format to a large set of text. But, you’ll need to memorize the format guidelines.

The way it works is by typing an unique character or set of characters prior to and after the word( s) you wish to format. For example, you can strikethrough WhatsApp text by surrounding it with a tilde, such as ~ words ~ or ~ something like this ~.

Here’s the whole list (tip: some of these work in the Facebook Messenger app, too):.

WhatsApp Formatting Rules
Format What to Type Example
Italic Underscore _text_
Bold Asterisk *text*
Strikethrough Tilde ~text~
Monospace Backticks “`text“`

The tilde and backtick are normally beside each other on a phone’s keyboard. If you’re utilizing WhatsApp from a computer, the 2 remain in the same key on US keyboards; hold Shift while pressing it to type a tilde.

Italic, bold, and strikethrough text in WhatsApp on Android.

To double-up on these designs, ensure the unique characters remain in the appropriate location. It’s simple to mistype the order and wind up with a different appearance than you planned. One method to get this right is to mirror the characters on either end.

Here are some examples:.

* _ italic and bold _ * ~ * vibrant and strikethrough * ~_~ strikethrough and italic ~ _ The 12 Best WhatsApp Tricks and Tips in 2023.


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