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How to Hide Photos on Instagram
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How to Hide Instagram Photos Rather Than Delete Them

This article explains how to hide Instagram photos so that they’re visible only to you. It’s easy to view hidden photos in your archive and make them public again. Instructions apply to the Instagram app for iOS and Android.

What Does It Mean to Archive a Post on Instagram?

How to Hide Photos on Instagram

To conceal choose Instagram pictures, follow these actions:

Open Instagram and display the picture you want to archive.

Tap the 3 dots in the upper-right corner of the screen to open a pop-up menu at the bottom of the screen.

Tap Archive. The chosen image is transferred to your archive and hidden from your profile and feed. Your fans can’t see it, however you can.

How to Hide Photos on Instagram

You can also edit, delete, or disable comments on the post from the same menu.

How to View Archived Photos

Here’s how to access the pictures you put in your archive:

Tap the hamburger menu in the upper-right corner of your profile screen.

Tap Archive.

How to View Archived Photos on Instagram

Your archived pictures appear and are visible just to you. Likes and remarks remain on the post. The people who liked and commented when you initially published it can’t see those likes or comments up until you make the post public again.

How to Make an Archived Instagram Post Public Again

To put an archived post back on your Instagram profile:

Tap the archived picture you ‘d like to reveal once again.

Tap the 3 dots above the image to show a menu similar to the one you saw when you archived the image.

Tap Show on Profile to have the image show up when again on your profile.

How to Make an Archived Instagram Post Public Again

Find out more about unarchiving Instagram postsHow to Hide Your Tagged Photos on InstagramFAQHow do I add several photos to an Instagram story?

To include numerous images to your Instagram story, open the Instagram app, tap Your Story, tap Recent. Tap Select > pick photos > Next (arrow on bottom right) > tap Next once again.

How do I conserve Instagram images?

To conserve Instagram pictures to your gadget, tap your profile icon and select Menu (3 lines)> Settings. Tap Account > Original images, and then tap the switch next to Save original photos. Every post will be conserved to your gadget’s library.


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