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Profile and Settings gear in Bumble
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How to Delete Your Bumble Account

This short article describes how to erase a Bumble account and how to briefly disable an account if you aren’t all set to delete it. The article likewise explains how to disable Date Mode if you want to keep your account active however aren’t thinking about dating. This info uses to the Bumble app for iOS and Android devices.

How to Permanently Delete Your Bumble Account

If you discovered somebody you’re all set to commit to, didn’t like your experience with Bumble, or have any other reason to leave the platform, you can delete your account so that all your information is permanently eliminated. If you delete your account and change your mind, you have to begin over from scratch with brand-new account.

Open the Bumble app and tap the Profile icon.

Tap the gear icon to open Bumble’s settings.

Profile and Settings gear in Bumble

Tap Delete account at the bottom of the settings tab.

Choose a reason you’re erasing your Bumble account by tapping one of these choices:

Found/In a RelationshipBilling IssueDissatisfied with ServiceOther

Tap Delete account to confirm.

Delete screens for Bumble app

Deleting your Bumble account is irreversible and can not be reversed. If you’re erasing your bank account to begin fresh with a new account, it may impact who you see on the app.

How to Temporarily Disable Your Bumble Account

Bumble’s short-lived disabling function is called snooze mode, which basically permits you to take your account offline without losing any of your profile details or connections. Your profile is hidden, you don’t appear in any swipe matches and your existing matches and alerts are notified that you’re taking a break so they know you’re not simply ignoring them.

Here’s how to take advantage of Bumble’s Snooze function to take a break without losing anything already on your account.

Open the Bumble app and tap the Profile icon.

Tap the gear icon to access your settings.

Profile and Settings gear in Bumble

Tap Snooze mode.

Pick the length of time to snooze your account by tapping one of these alternatives:

24 hours72 hoursA weekIndefinitely

If you pick a short-term duration for snooze mode, select a reason to notify your existing connections why you’re taking a break. You can pick from:

I’m travelingI’m focused on workI’m on a digital detoxI’m prioritizing myself

Select No thanks if none of the above reasons fit or you don’t want your connections to get a notification.

Snooze mode options in Bumble

You have the option to return online whenever you want. Simply tap Deactivate snooze mode.

Remove Bumble’s Date Mode

If you want to remain active on Bumble, but aren’t looking to date anyone at the moment, you can eliminate Date mode so you can continue to utilize Bizz and BFF.

From the Bizz or BFF tab, tap the logo design at the top and swipe through the modes up until you see Bumbledate. Tap the X in the leading left corner to eliminate it.

Any connections you made in Date mode are deleted, but you can always reenable Date mode from your settings.


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