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How to Style Every Type of Couch

Here’s a suggestion from the pros: Styling your couch with its sizes and shape in mind can make it (and your entire area) look that much better. Considering that a couch is perhaps the biggest furniture piece in your living or family room, it commands the most visual attention. Leaving a large couch too bare– sans textural throws and pillows– can make a room feel barren, while overcrowding a two-seater can result in a space that looks disorderly.

Whether you have an elongated sectional, loveseat, or something else, follow these sofa styling ideas, which vary from pillow size suggestions to complementary furniture choices, to maximize your favorite piece.


Loveseat sofa in living room area

An extended sectional has numerous advantages– mainly that it offers ample space for lounging and amusing. Most designs are flexible and reconfigurable, so you can change the design depending on the event (or if you move elsewhere entirely). To style an elongated sectional, take one of two methods: relaxing convenience or warm minimalism.

Over-the-Top Comfort

If you’re a fan of the former (and enjoy the look of lots of toss pillows), go all in. “Feel totally free to lean in and mix and match colors, textures, and prints for a more curated, artful appearance– rather than a matchy-matchy ensemble that’s uniformly dispersed,” Goerzen says..

For bigger sectionals, Goerzen advises two bigger pillows (around 24 inches on the longest side) on each end and a series of pillows of all different sizes in the center corner seat. Including an include between is a must, she states.

Warm Minimalism

Even those who believe that less is more need to stick to oversized pillows for an extended sectional– however temper the colors and fabrics so you don’t draw too much attention. Go for quality, simple and easy styling: “Consider a series of lumbars in the very same material as the sectional itself, spaced in the center of the bigger back pillows,” she says.


Burnt red sectional sofa with pillows

A modular sofa provides versatility for families who want to change up the layout for various events or as their needs grow and alter. They tend to be harder, however still comfortable; numerous companies use washable covers to combat untidy young children or pets..

Generally speaking, however, modular sofas are inherently modern-day, which is why Goerzen suggests styling them to add heat and texture. This can be accomplished by picking luxe velvet additions, preferably in rich jewel tones.

English Roll Arm

English Roll Arm couch

If you are firmly (and happily) rooted in a traditional and classic aesthetic, you probably picked an English roll-arm sofa with an elegant and stylish shape. Worldwide of couches, this type is considered the little black dress, says Goerzen– and similar to the timeless fashion option, it does not need much accessorizing. She recommends letting the couch promote itself with 2 extra-large lumbar pillows.

” This isn’t the time to pile on the pillows,” Goerzen says. “Instead, think about a complementary pair in a cohesive color scheme: one strong, one patterned.

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Tuxedo sofa in living room

A tuxedo sofa is another timeless model, one that relies greatly on balance. The couch, which frequently is available in leather, features somewhat curved arms the very same height as the back, supplying a clear view across your living-room. Less luxurious and comfortable and more blocky and strong, the tuxedo sofa is a popular choice in lots of homes today.

Despite this couch type’s clean lines and modern-day silhouette, it has channel tufting that includes an intriguing standard touch– you don’t wish to cover that up with pillows. Instead, consider layering 3 striped back pillows (which are short!) for visual interest; ground the look with a complementary rug, says Goerzen. “Finished with tonal velvet accent chairs and a hint of jewel-toned blue, the finished look feels spirited, yet edgy,” she states.

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Chaise sofa in living room

If you require to zen out after a long day or take a feline nap on the weekend, there is no much better couch than a chaise. “This adds both visual balance and functionality to a living space,” Goerzen states.

For those in the market for a coffee table to match, Goerzen says a round design is the way to go; it will match the sharp, angular shapes. Plus, this variation fits and shapes includes balance and attractive contrast. Mixing material is very important, too: “For example, you can match a white upholstered chaise sofa with wood and leather accent chairs or tonal ottomans, plus a brass-trimmed glass coffee table at the center,” says Goerzen.


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