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The Profile button on Twitter
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How to Edit a Tweet

This article explains how to revise your tweets on Twitter by copying the existing tweet, deleting it, and posting a revised version, since Twitter doesn’t have an “edit” feature. The instructions in this guide are for the browser-based version of Twitter on PC; however, these instructions also work on Mac and on the Android and iOS Twitter apps.

How to Delete a Tweet

You can rapidly eliminate an unwanted tweet if you make a typo or do not desire it on your feed anymore. Here’s how:

Visit to your Twitter account and select Profile.

The Profile button on Twitter

Find the tweet you wish to delete and pick the arrow situated to the right to show a drop-down menu.

Select Delete.

The Delete button for a tweet

Select Delete again to confirm.

The Delete confirmation button for a tweet

How to Post a Revised Tweet

Publishing a modified tweet basically means copying and pasting the old tweet, then making any needed modifications before tweeting it again. Here’s how to do it:

Log in to your Twitter account and choose Profile.

The Profile button on Twitter

Select the tweet you want to delete to open it in a different window.

Highlight and copy the contents of the tweet.

Copying a previously posted tweet to repost it.

Follow the above directions for erasing a tweet.

Paste the copied text into a brand-new tweet. Make any edits or corrections.

Pasting a revised tweet

Select the Tweet button to post the revised tweet.

Press the Tweet button to send

Go to the tweet you want to bookmark and tap Share > Add Tweet to Bookmarks.

How do I pin a tweet?

To pin a tweet, go to your Profile, find the tweet you want to pin, tap More (three dots), and select Pin to your profile. You can only pin one tweet at a time.

How do I promote a tweet?

To promote a tweet for service purposes, find the tweet on your timeline and select Tweet Activity > Promote This Tweet. You’ll be able to select a target market, budget, project period, and other elements.


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