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You may be old enough to remember Evelyn Wood’s name as being

You may be old enough to bear in mind Evelyn Wood’s name as being synonymous with speed reading and speed learning. She was the founder of Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics. Her former organization partner, H. Bernard Wechsler, shares six of the strategies effective speed readers use.

Wechsler was director of education at The SpeedLearning Institute and was affiliated with Long Island University, the Learning Annex, and New York schools through the DOME Project (Developing Opportunities through Meaningful Education). He and Wood taught 2 million individuals to speed read, consisting of Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, and Carter.

Now you can learn with these 6 easy tips.

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Hold Your Material at a 30-Degree Angle

Hold your book, or whatever you’re reading, at a 30-degree angle to your eyes. Never ever check out material lying flat on a table or desk. Wechsler states reading from flat material is “unpleasant to your retina, causes eye fatigue, and after about 2 hours frequently causes dry eye and irritation.”

Change the angle of your computer screen to 30 degrees also.

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Move Your Head Left to Right as You Read


This is not the method I was taught to check out, however Wechsler cites scientific proof that moving your head slightly back and forth while you read assists stabilize images on your retina. It’s called the vestibulo-ocular reflex, or VOR..

Moving your head while you read also assists you to stop reading private words and read expressions rather. Wechsler says, “The trick of reading several words at a time and doubling or tripling your learning abilities is widening your vision by utilizing your peripheral vision.”.

” Relax the small muscles on either side of your eyes,” Wechsler says, “and soften your focus.”.

This practice alone, he states, will help you increase your speed from 200 to 2,500 words per minute, the difference between speaking and thinking.

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Read with a Pointer


Wechsler calls on your survival instincts with this tip, the impulse to follow a moving things in your field of view.

He promotes using a pen, laser, or tip of some kind, even your finger, to highlight each sentence as you read. Your peripheral vision will get six words on either side of the point, enabling you to move through a sentence 6 times faster than checking out each word.

The pointer assists you create a speed and focuses your attention on the page.

” When utilizing a (pointer), never ever permit the point to touch the page,” Wechsler says. Your finding out speed will double in 7 days and triple in 21 days.”.

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Read in Chunks

The human eye has a small dimple called the fovea. Because one spot, vision is clearest. When you divide a sentence into portions of three or 4 words, your eyes see the center of the chunk most clearly however can still identify the surrounding words.

Think of reading a sentence in 3 or four chunks rather of reading every word, and you can see how much quicker you would make it through the product.

” Chunking makes it simpler for your retina to utilize main vision (fovea) to offer you sharp, clear words to read,” Wechsler says.

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The mind is even more effective than most of us give it credit for. When you think you can do something, you generally can.

Usage favorable self-talk to reprogram your belief system concerning reading. Wechsler states repeating favorable affirmations 30 seconds a day for 21 days “develops connected brain cells (neurons) in irreversible neural networks.”.

Here are the affirmations he suggests:.

” I release my past beliefs/perceptions/judgments and now quickly and rapidly learn and remember.”” Every day in every way I’m speedlearning much faster and quicker, and getting better and much better.”

Exercise Your Eyes for 60 Seconds Before Reading

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Before you start reading, Wechsler suggests you “warm up” your eyes.

” It hones your vision and triggers your peripheral sight to speed up your discovering speed,” Wechsler states. “This day-to-day one-minute exercise might assist you prevent eye-muscle fatigue.”.

Here’s how:.

Focus on a single area on the wall 10 feet in front of you, keeping your head still.With your right-hand man extended in front of you at eye level, trace an 18-inch infinity sign (a sideways 8) and follow it with your eyes three or four times.Switch hands and trace the sign with your left hand, efficiently awakening both sides of your brain.Drop your hand and trace the symbol 12 times in one direction with your eyes alone.Switch, moving your eyes in the other direction.


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